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East Asian Comics

East Asian comics, which are very satisfying and rich in content, are classified through many different parameters. The main ones are geography, culture, age and gender.
Shonen Manga is a highly exciting, action-packed Japanese comic book that comes from a Shonen word that means boy in Japanese and appeals more to boys, such as Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist.
Shujo Mangas, on the other hand, come from a Shujo word that means young girl in Japanese and deals with more complex love stories, magical girl stories and similar adventures, more of which will interest girls. Known examples include Japanese shujo mangas such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Yona of the Dawn, Kamisama Kiss.

As for geographical distinctions, Manga is the name given to Japanese comics. Korean comics are called Manhwa and comics originating in China are called Manhua. There are also manga, known as Seinen and Josei, which go back further and have more mature content.
In Japan, mangas are published in weekly or monthly magazines. If a manga becomes popular enough, they even get the opportunity to be bound and turned into books. If we look at digital manhwa and manhuas, their sections are uploaded to webtoon platforms on a weekly basis.

On our Swarm Manga platform, you can enjoy our high quality and attentive of all genres of mangas, manhua and manhwa content. You can read a wide variety of webtoons through any east Asian comic book of your kind. We are both readers and translators of Chinese, Japanese and Korean comics published in Turkish. This forces us to be a very selective team when it comes to translation mangas, and we would be sad to present manga translations that we would not enjoy reading ourselves to our esteemed manga readers.

What Is Manga?

In fact, there are three different words, both pronounced and written very close; The word manga is Japanese, the word Manhwa is Korean, and the chinese word Manhua, which is assumed to be the origin of all of them, means “improvised drawings“, or “comic book“. Japanese comics produced in Japan are called “manga”, and this term has been used since the late 18th century. Manga, japanese comics drawn by anime artists with the same mentality, are read from right to left. Manga drawings are slightly more extravagant than animes, where the main goal is to present the reader more concentratedly to the media. Our site contains the most up-to-date and high quality Japanese comic book series. Between 1945 and 1952, the American invasion of Japan had a serious impact on Japanese comic book culture mangas. The Japanese islands, where the Americans took their cultural occupation as well as the military occupation, were filled with comics of European and American origin brought with them by American soldiers. This has also deeply affected the imagination of mangakas, manga artists. Subsequently, Japanese mangas, which exploded in the country for years, broke the boundaries over time and became a trend all over the world since the early 80s. You may want to browse and read Manga comics book series published on our site.

What Is Manhwa?

Manhwa is the generic name given to specific comics with detailed drawings printed in Korea. Koreans call these comics only Manhwa, while other people say, “I’m not going to do this.” They also call it “Korean Manga” or “Korean Comic”, along with the name Manhwa. Although not very different from Manga in terms of drawings and subjects, it differs from the western left-to-right reading of various Korean Culture terms and frames in speeches and the reading of classic Japanese manga. In addition, although the Manhwas are colorful, their drawings are quite detailed. Especially prominent eye drawings and detailed clothing drawings attract attention. In fact, it is worth knowing that the Japanese brought this culture to the peninsula. During the 35-year Korean invasion (1910-1945), the Japanese inadvertently instilled their culture in the Korean people. Japanese troops who ordered mangas from their homeland for themselves brought to the island and then left them on the island, affecting the Korean people and the Manhwaga, Korean manga plotters, over time, and the ongoing developments eventually revealed the Manhwas, known as the “Korean Manga”.

What Is Webtoon?

Webtoon is the phrase used for south Korean comics published on the internet. The word consists of cartoons and web words in English, which we are familiar with etymologically. One of the distinctive features of webtoons, which has become quite common recently, is that the squares are in one row and down, rather than side by side.

What Is Manhua?

It is called east asian comics, which are specific to the regions of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Thought to have risen with the advent of stone printing technique in the 20th century, manhuas are created by Chinese comic book illustrators called Manhuajia. As with any work of art, events and culture play an important role in manhua artworks. The Manhuas, who were initially Chinese mangas that covered the Japanese-Chinese war and heroic stories; Although it lost its popularity in the international community after the Chinese revolution due to publication bans, they are now broadcast on various platforms. These platforms are platforms such as QQ Comic, Vcomic, especially the blogs of various Manhuajias.


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