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Under the Green Light

In today’s world, mangas have gotten quite popular just like western comics, the only difference being that they are from the far eastern side of the world. As these mangas are mostly only available in Asia, people created fansubs to make them available for the fans in the west, for free. In time they got very popular and the number of mangas created increased vastly.

This naturally caused them to follow similar trends like the very popular isekai. So what does isekai mean? Isekai is a manga in which the main character simply dies in their own world and resurrects in a fantasy world. This similitude at the end made it hard for people to find good titles. At this point, websites like Under the Green Light came into play, writing reviews, comments and recommendations for people to read and make their manga choices better and easier, also discussing their favorite topics with other people.

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Which mangas are the best at what category right now? Your favourite manga just went through a very important event cycle and you want to discuss with other people? Under the Green Light got you covered. They have both manga recommendations and reviews for you to read. Under the Green Light has a very simple and user friendly interface. As you enter the website the latest posts welcome you and you can view more posts as you swipe down. At the right top there is a search button and a category button. We can say that the categories and popular posts on the right are not active yet. And lastly at the top left we can see the Under the Green Light logo. You may have noticed that the name of the website is quite unique.

It shares the same name with the Under the Green Light manga. “So what kind of a manga is that?” I hear you asking. Under the Green Light manga is a psychological thriller. The title “Under the Green Light” is actually a derivation. Under the Green Light means under the light of Matthew’s eyes. A psychopath, Matthew keeps his victims who are dead around him like sculptures and Jin tries to teach him emotions and how to be a normal human being. The manga is illustrated and written by Jaxx. It was first released in the year 2021. Its main categories are Drama, Smut and Yaoi and It currently has 43 translated chapters.

As mentioned, Under the Green Light manga has the yaoi category which means the manga has gay content, or men on men in other words. This may be offputting for some but some enjoy it thoroughly, not disturbed at the slightest.

If you enjoy mangas in these categories, I would definitely recommend reading Under the Green Light manga. After finishing the series, you can come to the website Under the Green Light which shares the same name with the manga to read their reviews and comments, discussing the episodes with other people in the meantime.

Thanks for reading.

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